The earth comes to its end the first time because the result of your misbehavior of your sun. The sun bursts into a nova, or new star patek philippe swiss replicas , best fake rolex watches some thing that more than ten other self-illuminated, gigantic heavenly bodies do each year (PSM, July '46, p. 108). The sudden, cataclysmic flood of heat and power generated by the blast shrivels the earth to death.

Next, the Planetarium onlookers watch the other, but equally final, extreme"the eventual cooling of the sun to a degree where our globe becomes bleak and frozen and can no longer sustain life.

Gordon A. Atwater, Planetarium chairman, says this cooling in the sun is an practically particular eventuality unless it has some unknown and inexhaustible signifies of renew-ing its power replica and patek philippe watch .

In the third preview of doom, the earth and each of the other planets of our solar program are innocent victims of a celestial hit-and-run accident. The sun explodes as the outcome of a collision having a star from far out in space.

The fourth achievable finish on the world occurs when a mysterious wanderer from space, a comet having a flaming tail, seems on the celestial stage. It approaches the earth at bewildering speed. Closer and closer it comes until it strikes having a terrible effect. Where the earth was a fraction of a second before there is now only space. Though not probable, a collision among the earth and a comet is feasible.

Astronomers know that some remote day the earth will pull the moon inside the so-called "Roche's limit," a distance from the earth roughly twice the earth's diameter. What will come about then is shown in the amazing finale in the Planetarium.

Moving slowly at first, but gaining momentum as it approaches the New York skyline, an enormous and terrifying moon quickly fills half with the sky. There is a shattering crash because the moon explodes within the southeast horizon, breaking up into a large number of flaming meteors that bombard the mother planet. The skyline that rims the Planetarium becomes a circle of blazing buildings. As the flames die down, pieces with the shattered moon circle the earth related towards the moons of Saturn"a halo to get a dead globe!

Machines that "Destroy" the Earth (Nov, 1946)

Machines that "Destroy" the Earth

Intricate mechanisms at New York Planetarium show how celestial forces could burn, blast or freeze the planet.


THREE occasions each day in five spectacular strategies the earth "dies" inside the Hayden Planetarium in New York.

First performed in 1939, the Planetarium's sky drama was shut down by the war in 1941 and was not resumed until lately. The new "End from the World" show is significantly a lot more vivid than its prewar predecessor because of added startling effects and much more genuine background material worked out by the Planetarium technical and scientific staffs. The photographs and captions around the accompanying pages clarify how these effects are obtained.

Scientists and others"mostly others-have predicted a feasible finish to the planet in the close to future consequently of chain reactions set off by the use of atomic energy.

The varieties of cosmic destruction depicted in the Planetarium show are, nevertheless, quite a few millions of years distant by estimates of most astronomers patek philippe watch replicas .

The Planetarium audience, seated beneath an enormous dome, is transported by means of time and space for the center of Central Park in New York on each day billions of years within the future.

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