WHERE THE COPPER COMES FROM "Electro-Sheet" was created and is created only by Anaconda*. Down in the Raritan Copper Works from the International Smelting and Refining Firm (an Anaconda subsidiary) at Perth Amboy, N. J., production engineers turn it out in a wide range of thicknesses, as thin as one-thousandth of an inch as thick as this web page) and in five-foot-wide rolls a large number of feet in length.

Besides printed circuits, Anaconda "Electro-Sheet" is excellent to get a wide selection of electrical applications including static shielding, contacts and capacitors. Builders use it as an effortlessly applied concealed flashing, an efficient vapor barrier and for economical waterproofing (see photo above).

There are dozens of other uses-gaskets, cable wrapping, hydrogen-furnace brazing metal, utility-pole capping, to name a handful of. Mainly because numerous new jobs are becoming found for "Electro-Sheet," Anaconda is generating much more and much more of it.

To present the copper for "Electro-Sheet fake omega ," and a large number of other copper, brass, and bronze items, Anaconda has created vast new ore bodies and has expanded production capacity from mine to finished merchandise.

There will likely be an abundance of copper. Around the drawing boards of peacetime U. S. sector, copper has the green light- for years and years to come.

*Inquiries on Anaconda "Electro-Sheet" Copper ought to be addressed towards the American Brass Company, Waterbury 20, Conn.

PRODUCERS OF: Copper, zinc, lead, silver, gold, platinum, cadmium, vanadium, selenium, uranium oxide, manganese ore, ferromanganese and superphosphate.

MANUFACTURERS OF: Electric wire and cable, copper, omega watch replica brass, bronze, as well as other copper alloys in such types as sheet, plate, tube, pipe, rod breitling watches replicas , wire, forgings, stampings, imitation omega watch extrusions, versatile metal hose and tubing.

Look, Dad-They print wires now! (Dec, 1954)

Look, Dad-They print wires now!

In a wide range of electronic wonders-from hearing aids to guided missiles-printed wiring, etched from paper-thin Anaconda "Electro-Sheet" Copper, saves space, time, and income.

Remember the time you attempted to fix the radio

Inside you discovered a maze of wires. You hustled it down towards the corner repair shop. It was no job to get a novice.

Look in some of today's radios. The wires are gone-or look to become. They are printed!

HOW It is Completed Extremely thin copper-called "Electro-Sheet"-is bonded to a plastic laminate panel. On this copper sheet you print the wiring circuit you desire with an ink that resists acid. Then you etch away the unwanted metal, leaving the pattern intact. This type of circuit is far superior to wires. It's accurate, compact and steady. Next you snap-fasten tube sockets and other components in place and dip-solder the connections. To make a hundred electrical connections this way requires only some seconds.

With printed wiring as well as other devices-such as transistors-electronic experts are concocting match-box-size hearing aids, vest pocket radios, extra compact Television sets and transportable electronic "brains." They may be speeding up the production of precision instruments important within the operation of aircraft and manage of guided missiles.

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